Contour Drawing

Krisha_Contour DrawingKrisha_Contour DrawingKrisha_Contour DrawingKrisha_Contour DrawingKrisha_Contour Drawing Krisha_Contour DrawingKrisha_Contour Drawing Krisha_Contour Drawing Krisha_Contour Drawing Krisha_Contour Drawing


Transformation II

Transformation II is about my conversation with mommy of present time.  She talks about how she is growing old and the things that she can’t do now.

As the time passed, the leaves turned brown  and the writings faded out. Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation II (27) Continue reading


During the time in hospital, it was difficult to feel good. i have expressed these feelings through installing saline or IV bottles. My process includes transformation of negative energy of hospital to positive energy. It is shown by the color  gradation from lighter to darker. This process includes dropping of black color in white color according to fibonacci ratio. It started with 0-1597 drops.






Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation (1) Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation (2) Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation (9)

Krisha Tamrakar_Transformation (7)



I carried a sketch book and pen and walked carrying them. It created an interesting marks.

krisha_walking sketch

walking is a repetitive process. Our mind generates thousands of thought during a walk. It tends to change immediately when we see another visual. Sometimes there’s only a glimpse of thoughts while sometimes it stays longer. I tried to visualize these invisible thoughts through wire. Initially I used a plastic wire, but it was hard to put marks when my thoughts changed constantly. Therefore I changed the wire and used a copper wire present inside it. The copper wire complements with my idea of showing my inner feelings as well as with the confusion of choosing right material for my idea. I presented there tangled wire in a circular panel to show the single mind’s thought.